Keep Preventable Diseases At Bay

Get local vaccinations in Georgetown, KY today

Is your family fully protected from harmful viruses? Keep your loved ones and your community safe by getting local vaccinations from our pharmacy. Georgetown Pharmacy is a reputable vaccine provider in Georgetown, KY.

We offer vaccinations for preteens and teens from ages 8 to 18, as well as adults. We base our recommended vaccinations on your age and current health conditions.

Don't wait until flu season hits. Get vaccinated today to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Why you should get vaccinated

Make sure you, your spouse and your children are vaccinated this year by a trusted vaccine provider in Georgetown, KY. You should get vaccinated because...

  • You won't risk being out of work or school for days at a time
  • You'll protect those in your community who can't get immunizations
  • You'll be less likely to get preventable diseases, like measles or chickenpox

Local vaccinations can keep painful and dangerous diseases from affecting your family. Your pharmacist will talk to you about your recommended vaccinations and answer any of your questions.